With winter almost upon us, are WA drivers ready for wet weather conditions?

Most of us don’t like driving in the rain, but unless we are going to remain housebound, there’s no way around it.  Driving is one of, if not the riskiest task that the majority of us do on a day to day basis.

I would like to share the following tips to assist with driving safely in wet weather.

1. INCREASE YOUR TRAVEL TIME – In our modern society we tend to rush a lot, many of us run late to appointments, school drop offs and work. Try getting up 15 minutes earlier, this gives us a little more time to get organised, and a little more time to get to work. Wet road conditions can be extremely hazardous, increase your travel time and decrease the risk of rushing.

2. DRIVE TO CONDITIONS – As mentioned above, road conditions are hazardous in wet weather, firstly, yes, they’re wet! Wet roads create slippery roads which means we need extra time to break. Secondly our vision is somewhat impaired when it’s teaming with rain. By turning on your demister (front and back), and your headlights, this will enable you to see pedestrians, cyclists and road hazards more clearly. Your headlights will allow others to see you too.

3. DON’T DRIVE WITH CRUISE CONTROL ON – If you do this and hydroplane your wheels can reach an excessive speed when not in contact with the road. This has the result of propelling your car forward when the wheels touch down again.

4. SLOW DOWN – Drive a little slower, the speed limit is there as maximum speed, not necessarily the speed at which you must drive. Drop 10kms, this will not only make for safer driving, it will give you more stopping distance in the case of an uncontrolled incident and reduce the likelihood of skidding.

5. REDUCE DISTRACTIONS – Pop your mobile phone in the glove box or your bag. Mobile phones are one of the biggest distractions drivers face today. It’s against the law to use your phone whilst driving, resist temptation by keeping your phone out of sight – keep your eyes on the road.

Here at ISPL we want you to go home safely each day to your loved ones.  I hope these safety tips will encourage you to be more vigilant and conscious while driving in the upcoming winter conditions.

Need a wet weather risk assessment done? Driving procedure reviewed? Please contact us at Integrate Sustainability for your safety needs.